5 Fashion Choices for Music Festivals


Attending a multi-day music festival is sure to create fun and memorable moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You get the opportunity to spend quality time with your friends while seeing some of your all-time favorite bands and DJs perform live.

The music festival is drawing closer and you’re becoming more and more excited and checking your favorite blogs. There’s just one major problem that you need to address; your wardrobe.

To get the most out of your festival experience, you need to know what to wear. Here are five fashion choices that are well worth considering:

  1. Suitable footwear

Wearing suitable footwear is absolutely vital if you want to feel comfortable and truly enjoy the weekend. Chances are that you’ll end up wearing the same pair of footwear for the entire weekend so make sure to choose wisely. Do not bring a new pair of shoes that have not been broken in yet and always check the weather forecast before putting anything into your suitcase. If it’s promised wet, wellies are the obvious choice and if it’s really hot and sunny, it’s time to pack those flip-flops and sandals.

  1. Hat

A hat is extremely flexible when it comes to music festivals and can be used for a variety of different uses. A hat will shield you from the sun, protect you from wet projectiles in the crown and also keep the strong UV rays from beating directly onto your face. If the weather is promised to be very hot, ensure you wear sunscreen and sunglasses as standing outside all day leaves you venerable to the harsh elements of the sun.

  1. Harem pants


Harem pants for men and women are widely popular with music festival lovers. Why? Because they’re comfortable, they’re trendy, they’re versatile and they look good too. They come in a wide range of different colors and have become a staple piece of every music festival lover’s wardrobe. Pair them up with a tank top or crop top to finish off your bohemian look.

  1. Denim shorts

Are you ready to bare your legs and get the fake tan out? The right pair of shorts will prove to be a vital piece of your festival wardrobe. Wear them with a baggy top with a bikini top underneath, just in-case you get overly hot from all the dancing. If you’re not comfortable wearing shorts on their own, put a pair of tights or leggings on underneath them.

  1. Handbag

Leave the designer and leather handbags at home – a music festival is no place for fancy handbags. Small backpacks and fanny packs are most likely the best option. Whatever bag you choose to bring, ensure it’s big enough to hold a large bottle of water, some sunscreen, a roll of toilet paper, a packet of wet wipes, some money and the all-important phone too.

One of the greatest things about music festivals is that no one is going to judge you for what you wear so you can be as creative and as whacky as you like with your clothes. Festivals are all about expressing yourself through fashion and having fun with what you wear. Happy shopping!

Antonique Rivela- Goodbye(Official Video)

Crazy Shirts For Any Summer Music Festival

eat sleep rave repeat t-shirt

It’s that time of year again, no not spring break, but music festival season.  With Ultra happening just last week the festivals are going to start flying at us left and right.  The coolest people at those music festivals are always wearing the craziest shirts.  It seems like the crazier the shirt, the more attention the person gets and let’s face it, if you are a party animal at a music festival you really just want to go nuts and get as much attention as possible.  I searched the Internet high and low and I found an online t-shirt shop called La La Land Shirts, which has the best music shirts, funny shirts, workout shirts, and even some Hillary Clinton shirts.  But, I just like to call them crazy shirts.

Which Festival Will You Go To?

With so many festivals and now you know where to get your cool shirts, which festival do you plan on hitting up this spring or summer.  It seems like there are more and more each year.  Of course Lollapalooza has already sold out and EDC Vegas has sold out as well.   One festival that is in early May and a lot of people might not think about going to is the Beale St. Music Festival.  This particular festival has an eclectic lineup.  It’s great to see EDM, rock music, hip-hop, rap and maybe even a little country all at one festival.

Now you know which festivals are out there, you know where to get crazy music shirts so what more is there?  Nothing really, just log onto La La Land Shirts grab a few shirts and share the site with all of your friends.   It’s easy to do you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or either of their online shops at CafePress and Zazzle.  So have fun at those festivals and be the coolest kid around with your crazy shirts.  Don’t be surprised if you lose your shirt, because it will most likely get stolen…. You know because it’s awesome.

Bashford Jewelry

Bashford Jewelry

Bashford Jewelry is proud and dedicated to socially-conscious and eco-friendly fine jewelry. We use the highest quality materials that are produced responsibly.

Bashford Jewelry
“Our Mission is to create one of a kind jewelry using ethical sourced diamonds and environmentally responsible sourcing. We use only conflict free diamonds/gemstones and research all our diamonds origins, to create awareness, protect the environment and improve livelihoods.”

Men’s Urban Streetwear Is On The Rise


The decade is now turning out to be an energizing year in the realm of urban style. With all the enormous brand names having as of late dropped their spring accumulations with summer on the way, the fervour is out and out unmistakable. In this way, there are four of this season’s key patterns, so individuals can focus that vigour into getting out there and enjoying some exceptional design retail treatment.

The ‘Streetwear’ style was already pretty immense a year ago, and that prevalence looks set to proceed well within 2014. The urban clothing demographic is presently more assorted than at any other time; the group’s unique parts are inevitably getting more senior, and this pattern is an impression of their developing tastes. This look is about implanting the coarse realness and easy nature of urban street clothing with the keen cuts and ideal lines of customized attire. It’s likewise an incredible search for formal occasions. To join this pattern into the style, people can attempt layering an organized coat over a realistic tee and group it with a couple of thin fit chinos.

After the winter, people can all do with a sprinkle of colour to light up things up. This pattern is a nod to the ’80s/’90s society that propelled the first Streetwear pioneers – featuring noticeably emphasized realistic prints, work wear and retro-look apparel. This look is about being overcome enough to trial – attempt crashing and differentiating distinctive colours, prints and examples. Various brands have some extraordinary designed pieces in their spring gathering that are doubtlessly worth looking at.

It’s difficult to accept that there’ll ever be a period when military look isn’t on pattern. It’s basic, standard and works as well on men as it does on ladies. The pattern has been reinvented this season, having been implanted with a gentler feel. This season, it’s about radiating a manner of force and power – fitted military style-coats, labourer boots and textured fabrics are only a couple of cases of how to join this research the spring/summer style. When feeling bold, people can attempt crashing distinctive coloured plans to make a strong expression look. On the other hand, assuming that they simply favour giving a little nod to this pattern, they can attempt a cover cinch, snapback or knapsack for a more easy and loose looks.

2014 is the opportunity to commend this most pervasive of urban frill. Also because of this, heaps of the significant urban wear brands are ruining as far as style and decision this season. People can have the trending and most exciting hats and caps of the urban fashion. This can also be paired up with shorts and jackets and can be taken care with ease for men.  If you’re in the know and looking for where to get hold of exclusive urban clothing and streetwear , visit the link, they offer worldwide shipping on exclusive brands.


Whichever patterns decided to fuse into the look this season, people will wish definitely to be unique in their own style along with the various clothing. Streetwear is about being a pioneer, not a devotee.

Heavy Sin’ by Dreamgrl


I find myself in a Sacramento dive bar known more for local AC/DC tributes than for electro-dream-pop. But tonight electro-dream-pop is just what’s in store, as Dreamgrl, a twenty-something songwriter/producer from Canada steps up to the stage, armed with just a microphone, a laptop, and a midi keyboard. She grins at the crowed and introduces herself. The audience tonight is comprised of mostly older locals, probably here every night-no matter what the musical entertainment is. There is however, one group of college-aged girls seated by the front of the stage, who told me they specifically came here to see Dreamgrl because they are “Obsessed with the Heavy Sin video!” They erupt in cheers when she opens with it- a catchy, melancholy ballad, and they continue to be enthusiastic throughout the 20 minute set. I had just recently downloaded her debut album, Heavy Sin, an EP of six songs that have been stuck in my head since.

The album is comprised of beautifully dark somber tracks like ‘Dawn of the Internet’ as well as fervently catchy upbeat ones such as ‘Say It First.’ All with a vintage-y low fi esthetic and candid lyrics that are as endearing as they are daunting.

But it’s the last track, ‘Out Late’ that I am most curious about. With interesting, confusingly tantalizing lyrics such as  “Absolutely, put me in your movie/Beast used to be, swear I can play a Beauty,” and a chorus that finds her singing “Feed into my Daddy issues” followed by a deep, creepy robot-voice that answers “That’s my pretty girl, that’s my pretty girl,” the song is engaging, and totally eerie. I find Dreamgrl sipping a Perrier by the bar after the show and I have to ask her what the heck the song is about.

“I get asked that a lot,” she laughs, “It‘s about trying to act a certain way in a relationship…to give the impression to the other person that you are the ideal match for them. As if their life is a movie that they are directing, and you are an actress, trying to be as wonderful as you can in hopes that they will cast you in their life. Putting your best foot forward, despite having a rough past. Playing nice.”

Get the album: www.dreamgrl.bandcamp.com/album/heavy-sin-ep

Watch the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5l63bzSH1w



Earn your Fashion Stripes with the Grove Knit from Farah Vintage

When a clothing brand is as old as its name suggest, it is refreshing to see designers who have been able to incorporate the vintage ethos into their designs as well as increasing its profile in the world of fashion.  Farah Vintage earns four star respects for achieving this fashion accolade and has been trading for 92 years after starting trading in Texas in 1922.  The brand has become internationally renowned and sports almost every type of clothing and accessory in its product line.  It has managed to gain worldwide notoriety and maintain its iconic retro style.

Style and Comfort

The initial aim of Farah Vintage was to enable men to wear stylish clothes without having to compromise on the comfort – apparently women are able to tolerate uncomfortable vintage clothes but men however are not.  One particular piece of clothing in the range that does combine comfort and style successfully is the Farah Vintage Charcoal the Grove Knit, which is a particularly eye catching and comfortable looking stripy knitted jumper which has navy and charcoal on the main body part and has contrasting maroon collars and cuffs.

 Vintage Charcoal the Grove Knit

Less is More

If however you find stripes too eye catching and want to keep a low profile at the same time as combining comfort and style, Farah Vintage has taken your needs into consideration and have designed pieces that are understated using the principle of less is more.  An example of such a garment is the Farah Vintage Grey Marl the Hawke Knit, as you can see it has a very simple and classic style with its own twist of including contrasting cuffs and collar.  The contrast is quite stark but could be mistaken for an undergarment; if the contrast detail was not there the knit would be very plain indeed and would be indistinguishable from other less sophisticated similar looking garments.

Farah Vintage Grey Marl the Hawke Knit,

So Much Choice

The selection of Vintage Farah clothing is so great and diverse you would be advised to either visit a shop in real life, where you can feel and appreciate the quality of the clothes before you buy the or if that does not fit in with your busy schedule then a visit to a website stocking the range will be a feast your eyes and a cornucopia or colours.  In fact you make have to make return visits to either the shop or websites because there is so much to choose from and so many garments that you will want to purchase every item in the shop that fulfil your fashion needs.